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Protocol development framework for privacy enabled application chains.

Protokit enables developers to build zero-knowledge, interoperable and privacy preserving application chains with a minimal learning curve.

npx degit proto-kit/starter-kit#develop my-chain


Protokit comes with selected features that are
designed to help you build your own application chain.

Privacy Enabled

Protokit runtime modules enable opt-in privacy where required by providing seamless composability of off-chain computation with on-chain sequential transaction processing.

Succint zkVM

Chains built with Protokit run on top of our modular zkVM, which is driven by a set of recursive zk circuits that lead to a unique block proof for each block. This means that block production results in a concise proof that can be verified inexpensively.

Supercharged DevX

Protokit chains are built using O1JS, Mina's zero-knowledge DSL for writing provable code. This allows you to reuse the wide variety of existing tools in the JavaScript/typescript ecosystem.


Combine several existing runtime, protocol, or sequencer modules into a complete application chain.


Integrate your app-chain with other existing app-chains, L2s, and rollups to avoid fragmentation of liquidity within the ecosystem.

Wallet Integration

Protokit transaction format is MINA native, therefore supports the majority of existing ecosystem wallets built on top of the mina-signer.


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